Gender Reveal Parties

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Posted on July 16 2018

Gender Reveal Parties

What Is A Gender Reveal Party?

A gender reveal party is where either expectant parents, guests or both, find out the sex of the baby.

The Guest List

Gender reveal parties are typically open to both men and women. It is entirely up to the expectant parents how they wish to celebrate the pending arrival of their baby, and often it is seen as an opportunity to bring together family and friends of all genders.

The Location

Many people choose to have their Gender reveal parties at home, where they can keep it to just their private guests. However, as throwing parties can be quite exhaustive for an expectant mother, there has been a recent trend to host it as a morning tea or afternoon tea event in a private dining room or café.  Whichever way you go – keep it simple so you can focus on having fun with your guests and enjoying the special moment!

Identifying the Gender

There are a number of ways to discover the sex of your baby. Most pregnant women will experience blood tests or scans throughout their pregnancy that will enable their medical practitioners to determine the gender. If you do not wish to know the gender ahead of the reveal, ask your practitioner to write it down and seal it in an envelope that can then be opened at the party or by someone assisting with the party.

The Reveal

There are a number of popular ways to reveal the gender of the baby. Here is a couple of ideas:

  1. Cake

By far the most popular (certainly on youtube) is the use a cake to reveal the sex. Typically the expectant parents would cut into the cake and whatever colour they find inside reveals whether it is a boy or girl. There are a number of bakeries that offer gender reveal cakes. Alternatively, some people choose to bake it themselves or entrust a close family member or friend who is handy in the kitchen.

  1. Cupcakes

A variation of the cake – every guest receives a decorated cupcake where they gender of the baby is revealed by the colour of the fill inside the cupcake. In this scenario, each guest would take a cupcake and a countdown would occur so that everyone bites into their cupcake at the same time, revealing the gender of the baby in one bite!

  1. Balloons

Another popular choice for reveal parties are balloons. A large box is placed in the centre of the guests and opened up to reveal floating helium balloons where the gender of the baby is either printed on the balloons or the colours depict the sex.

Another variation on this, is the popping of a balloon to reveal a coloured liquid or powder that identifies the gender of the baby.

  1. Poppers

This cute, yet somewhat messy option, involves individual party poppers that can be handed out to guests containing confetti. Again, a countdown occurs and all the guests pop their poppers making it rain whatever colours have been chosen to depict the gender of the baby!

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