Szabo Maternity Sizing Guide

How to buy the perfect size first time, follow the 3 step guide: 

Step 1. Measure your hip with a tape measure (a good accessory to have if you are going to be buying on the internet frequently!). Measure the largest section of your hipline –usually at the top of your thighs. Also measure your bust around the fullest part with your bra on. Be Honest!

Step 2. Compare your measurement to the size chart below and select your size.

Most maternity garments are designed to grow with your changing shape, so we need to fit the bits that stay the same such as hips, legs, shoulders and arms.
If you put on the “normal” amount of pregnancy weight you should buy your pre-pregnancy size. Maternity designed garments will grow and shrink with you.
You may need to buy larger sizes only if you are exceeding normal weight gain.




Szabo sizes have been compared to some of the mainstream brands on the market to help you choose the correct size.

Our small will fit you if you wear a size 10 Country Road
Our small will fit you if you wear a size 10 Witchery.

Step 3. Use your tape measure to check any other Key Measurements provided such as pant Inside leg or dress lengths.

Note: If your maternity Jeans,Pants or Skirts have a knit band over or under the belly try to refrain from pulling them up by the knit band. Undue stress can cause it to tear. Pull your Pants, Jeans or skirts up by the fabric not the band and they will last you through your pregnancy and beyond.

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